Password Removal

People are forgetful. If you've caught yourself in a sticky situation where you can't remember your password, call us and we can help remove it for you.

Insurance Quotes

We can supply you with a detailed insurance quote catered to your insurance company's requirements.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data loss is one of the biggest issues with modern technology. If you're a victim of data loss, we can help.

Laptop and Desktop Repair

When your computer isn't working, neither are you. It's extremely frustrating not having your computer, so let us run a high end diagnostic test and repair the problem for you.

Hardware Upgrade

Our hardware upgrade service is a great option for when throwing out your current device is not a viable option.

Custom Built Computers

Need a computer tailored to your needs? We can give you advice and custom build your dream computer to your requirements.

Software Installation and Upgrades

Get that new computer feeling with our fresh operating system (OS) installations or simply upgrade/downgrade to an OS of your choice.